If anyone would like to “CONNECT” or Contact me, please go here:


Again, I’d love to hear your thoughts, encouragements, or anything else that comes to your mind……though I do ask that you’d please be wise when doing so. If possible, please keep the comments within the range of URGENT CONCERNS, Suggestions, or Specific Requests of Paticular Issues. If you have thoughts differing from this or would like to engage in extended dialouge on other issues, I can roll with that too (& will let you know when/where & how things’ll go down).

   I have no problem with interactions/conversations—even those which may be verbose/long-winded ones…….but despite my love for it, 3 things:

  • This is NOT “ALADDIN’S LAMP”‘
  •  I’m not a “GENIE IN A BOTTLE”

Again, just in case anyone didn’t catch (especially seeing that people tend to often SKIP OVER THE THINGS you’d hope to make clear the FIRST TIME you wrote them, lol), there will be times when people may send emails & I’ll be reasonably LIMITED in the TIME/ENERGY & WILLPOWER I NEED TO BE ENGAGED/RESPOND AS  EFFECTIVELY AS POSSIBLE….If I’m unable to respond to you as soon as you’d like, please know that there’s no HARM nor FOUL….& PRAYERFULLY, everyone reading will be down with this.

Believe it or not, off-line, I do have a life (lol, lol)……& I’m hopingthe readers will earnestly respect it, as I will be dilligently seeking to do with ya’lls. Peace…..


11 Responses to “CONNECT (i.e. CONTACT INFO)”

  1. kingskid49 said

    Dear Emmisary7,

    I had intended to send you and invitation to my church, which is doing a Black History Month Series: Black History Told By The Prophets. I had seen your e-mail address in your comments to another post, then I thought better about it and did not want to seem like a stalker. I am over it! LOL

    Here is the link to the Invite posted on my blog: http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/kingskid2.html

    I will also send you and invitation via your e-mail–I got it from your site, not another’s.

    King’s Kid

  2. rosamaria (Osita) said


    I had no other way to contact u, cuz this is sumin I got to say that has nothing to do with the post on Carm. Since u are a super member I thought I could pm you.

    I pray u are well, bro.

    Sos is doin well, she has been on the forum, always, maybe nt in your area where u post.

    I have nt been on the forum (Carm) for months’. Having terrible difficulties, with my life and work. Workin constantly… gone thru alot of deaths, and tragedies. Not good, depressin,,

    When u pray plzzzzzzzzzz remember me in your prayers.

    Plzzzzzz, DG,, tell me about yourself. You seem of an amazin person of God. Your heart is sooooooooo big for Jesus Christ,, Your post have taught me alot. And I have still alot of growin up to do.. Still goin through these problems. It effects the mind, body and spirit.. that is the truth.

    I hope I am connecting with the right person here…Double-G (G)

    love ya brother,

    In His love,

    Wat is happenin with you?

  3. Hi Sis!!!!

    Though I’d say more here, I don’t think I could be as accurate as I could be in person. So, if you’re up for it, hit me up on my email where I can email you my cell ( or perhaps you could give me yours) and perhaps we can talk sometime/encourage one another in THE Lord. I’d love to be of service in any way that I can.

    Would you be cool with that sis?

  4. Double-G,

    I appreciated your supportive comments the other day, and I thought you would be interested in knowing that CARM management has deleted my thread, entitled:
    A Biblical Defense of the Age of Accountability

    Strange, indeed!

    Ken Hamrick

  5. rosamaria (Osita) said


    Wat is happenin,,?

    I appreciated your post of what you have written,, do you recall what I am talkin about , remember (peacook).

    This of such , of what you have written, made me realize that Jesus is really workin in my life. And no matter what is going on with my life, He is always doing HIS purpose and plan. And I dont’ even realize this..

    Well, you asked for my cell # .. and I see it is displayed on your blog, plus my email address. Is there a way to talk to you privately. DG, ONLY reason I brought this up cuz you suggested this.

    I am going through alot of downs’ lately,, I know we all have our problems’, ups’ and downs’.. at the moment I am in my downs’..
    Need ur prayers’..

    Well, I dont’ know what more to say,.. Yes, thank you for all you do for the love and glory of Christ Jesus…
    More can be said…..>>

    lov you,


    WE have an AWESOME GOD!!!

  6. rosamaria (Osita) said

    DG, ‘

    By the way ,, is this the only way I am able to contact you?



  7. rosamaria (Osita) said

    ,,hi G.

    I noticed you have written about Charismatic house churches… are you into that ??

    Tell me more plzzzzzz ..

    I pray you are well.. always,,

    In His Love,


    ..It was a blessing speaking to ya earlier this week.. thanks.. so much!!!!!!

  8. Hey Sis,

    If you follow the thread, it should have all the info on the subject that you need:


  9. johnhaar said

    WELLCOME to the SEED

    in the GARDEN of DISTANCE and TIME


    GREED (to want more than you need)

    John Taonui Haar
    7 Anderson St
    Eketahuna ph 027 208 9129

  10. Mike said

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  11. Athanasius said

    Double G, this is Athanasius from CARM. Please check out the “othe” forum over there and check out the thread on Bahai’ists, Jews and Blacks, where statements are made by their “Center of the Covenant,” Abdul. Am I out of line in thinking this stuff is racist. Read the whole thread, because the Bahai’ists spin this another way, but particularly pay attention to what is stated in the Bahai’ist Some Quetions Answered – written also by Abdul. you can reach me at the above email site.

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