PRAISING THROUGH THE ART OF MIME: Is is Biblically Appropiate?

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on April 30, 2008


If anyone has ever researched some of these Guys on Google Video, Karl & Keith Edmonds – have been anointed with such powerful gifts that being in their presence as they witness will likely induce tears, melt hearts and initiate uncontrollable worship for the Creator.
Karl & Keith, better known as K&K Mime, have drawn inspiration and ideas from a lost art first made popular in the ancient Greco-Roman Empires, and have retooled this graceful expression, known as pantomime, to kindle a fire in the hearts of men and women

K&K Mime are widely known as the Godfathers of Gospel Mime, an artistic, choreographed, liturgical performance that reinterprets the lyrical content and powerful crescendos found in Gospel music. The result is an emotional outpouring and spiritual climax from the audience that’s generated by lovely movements, controlled and timely gesticulations. K&K Mime are by far the masters in this ministry. Their ministry has drawn admiration and support from the likes of Dr. Bobby Jones, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin. And their appeal has spawned a new generation of mime artists across the country in many churches.

it was really cool seeing them do powerful perfomance on popular songs like “STAND”, “OH WHAT LOVE”, “NOW BEHOLD THE LAMB”, “God Is Here”, and “WE FALL DOWN”. Truly some of the most powerful stuff I’ve seen in awhile (as it sometimes had me emotional to the point of tears)….and prior to seeing them, would’ve never thought someone could portray the Gosepel/message of Christianity or Worship of God in such a manner..

Psalm 35:10
My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, O LORD ? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.”

 I’ve been HIGHLY Blessed by it alongside numerous others. (as I really enjoy it within the context of the Arts/utilizing that for ministry purposes, especially in STREET MINISTRY/EVANGELISM…….alongside things like various forms of praise dancing, artistic images, spoken word/poetry, etc).

Though I’m leery whenever it becomes an issue of turning it into a PROGRAM—by no means does that mean one cannot have consistency or training for doing it, at least no more than there’s training/practice for those in the choir or worship team who wish to get involved/have a passion and talen they wish to develop further for the Lord. But when it becomes something folks do moreso out of routine/habit as opposed to truly being born out of the Spirit of God,….or when it becomes an issue of doing that as if it’s the solution outside of the Word of God/God’s Spirit working in the hearts of Men and the Power of CHRIST PREACHED, then I have a problem. K&K Mime at one point stated perfectly on the issue when asked “When choreographing your performances, what goes into the selection of finding that particular anointed song for K&K Mime, then preparing that interpretation for those songs through you graceful and animated expressions?” . In their words:

We get a lot of requests from gospel artists to do their songs. We let God choose the songs for us. God has really given us each and every song that we have ministered with. God gives us songs that people can relate to on a daily basis. You know how right now, you need a ‘right-now’ word. God has given us a ‘right-now’ mime for the ‘right-now’ song, so as we choreograph, we know it’s God. We deal with songs that people hand to us and God says, “It’s not time.” We notice that it seems to take a little bit longer to come up with choreography to these pieces when it’s not God-ordained for that time. So God has given us songs like Standard by Witness – that took only an hour to choreograph. And people just loved it; they were touched by it. We’ve choreographed songs in two days like Stand by Donnie McClurklin. It was a right now word, and it’s still popular.

On the issue of street ministry, As K& K said:

QUESTION: Why is mime such an appealing form of expression and ministry with African-Americans particularly born-again African-Americans?K&K (Keith Edmonds): It’s a form of communication, it’s an art form. Black folks are very creative in their art form expression. Of course, as far as the Body is concerned, we are led by the Holy Spirit. Being creative doesn’t really come from us, we don’t get the credit, the credit goes to God.K&K (Karl Edmonds): Because what we do is a different type of art; it’s a different type of mime. When we started eighteen years ago, we were young and naive. It was something we knew about, but we didn’t know where it came from. When we started Gospel mime, it was something different and unique; Black churches accepted it much later after many years. It was kind of hard for them to accept because of the white make-up; they didn’t have an understanding of what it represented. The white make-up brings out the facial expressions. People understand your facial expressions from a distance better with white make-up when you’re smiling or when you’re crying or when you’re upset, sad or happy.It’s also important to understand that Black people have always loved theatre. Theatre has been in their blood for years. It’s a way to freely express themselves. They appreciate dance, they appreciate liturgical dance. Now, we’ve also performed in a lot of White churches and it’s been real receptive with them as well. But it has a special appeal to Black people because it is a different form of ministry. It’s not another great Gospel choir leaping, jumping, shouting and screaming; mime ministry is a different way to express worship with Gospel music. That is why there are so many new mime artists all over the country. This art form is a part of many tours. We had the opportunity to be a part of the Kirk Franklin Tour and we performed before a secular audience. They received it well, they loved it. It’s different, just a different way to express ourselves.

K&K (Keith): We traveled to Japan and it was an awesome experience. They were very receptive to the art of mime although we were ministering to them. Although we were ministering in English, they still understood the gestures because they’re familiar with the gestures, the movements. We even had to change some of our movement because some of the movements we perform here in America are offensive in Japan.


And as another sister in Christ said to me on the issue:


Paul said he would be all things to all people that they would come to know Christ.
I love anything that draws people to his word and if you have unbelievers in yur family, especially, those that have heard the gospel. It sounds like a great way to get them out to hear with new ears.
Dance, music, worship, praise, drums, streamers, banners anything that spells joy. I love if it glorifies Him.

What a blessing – I was wiping tears away as I was laughing. Powerful, anointed – what can I say. I felt as if I were there worshiping. It gave me a sense that I understood my own joy reflected and when we see others worshiping what they are feeling.

Like taking our verbal language and putting written words to it – only these are words you can see demonstrated. I can only imagine how it must bless the deaf.
I felt the joy and the sorrow……… amazing just how powerful it was.

That’s literally the best way I’ve heard it expressed—-putting skin on the words we used when words simply are not enough. As Donnie McClurkin said when he spoke on their unique ministry-art form “it’s something that God used them to initiate that has caught on and become quite, quite powerful. It’s amazing how they make the very words that we sing come alive with their dramatic presentation.” And honestly, I’ve never considered what it would be like for the deaf. But now that you mentioned it, I can only imagine.

It’s also interesting that for many youths it has been something that has captured their attention and could possibly be used for reaching folks who feel there’s nothing they could get involved in that’s radical for the Lord. As it was for them, they faced some of the worst life had to offer, shuttled from shelters to foster homes until finally, at the age of 10, they were adopted by a God-fearing woman named Inez Dotson—-where she took them to church where & required that they would act out the scriptures as she recited verse after verse. It’s amazing seeing how they went from that to being recognized as the “Fathers of Gospel Mime” and “that their stage is no longer limited to a church in Homewood—the world has become their stage.”


Funny that many, though, may diss it as they experienced when they went to certain churches….and yet those same churches may love things such FILM, DRAMA, ACTING/FILM, and other things of that nature when mime is just another form that people can utilize. According to MSN Encarta,

Pantomime or Mime, art of dramatic representation by means of facial expressions and body movements rather than words. Pantomime, or mime, has always played a part in theater. In the great open-air theaters of ancient Greece and Rome, where the audience could see more easily than it could hear, mime was an important element of acting. The Roman pantomimus was an actor who used stylized movement and masks to portray a character to the accompaniment of music and the singing of a chorus

Thankfully, this is spreading like wildfire again in many churches….and I hope it continues

Romans 8:26
In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

To me, I think this is kind of what I felt when seeing things like PRAISE IN MIME, as there are times when it feels like what I wish to say cannot be expressed to the Lord in Words that could do it justice……just like the SPirit of God intercedding for us/communicating to the Lord when we cannot does so in expressions that simply wouldn’t do justice if done verbably.

However, many churches have been uncomfortable with this and some have even made arguments that this is not seen in the NT Church and therefore it’s unacceptable. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or other things such as Spoken Word/Poetry, Praise Dancing, and other art forms and what their proper usage should be?


If anyone would like more info on the issue, all one needs to do is go here:

PRAISING THROUGH THE ART OF MIME: Is is Biblically Appropiate?












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