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PRAISING THROUGH THE ART OF MIME: Is is Biblically Appropiate?

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on April 30, 2008


If anyone has ever researched some of these Guys on Google Video, Karl & Keith Edmonds – have been anointed with such powerful gifts that being in their presence as they witness will likely induce tears, melt hearts and initiate uncontrollable worship for the Creator.
Karl & Keith, better known as K&K Mime, have drawn inspiration and ideas from a lost art first made popular in the ancient Greco-Roman Empires, and have retooled this graceful expression, known as pantomime, to kindle a fire in the hearts of men and women

K&K Mime are widely known as the Godfathers of Gospel Mime, an artistic, choreographed, liturgical performance that reinterprets the lyrical content and powerful crescendos found in Gospel music. The result is an emotional outpouring and spiritual climax from the audience that’s generated by lovely movements, controlled and timely gesticulations. K&K Mime are by far the masters in this ministry. Their ministry has drawn admiration and support from the likes of Dr. Bobby Jones, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin. And their appeal has spawned a new generation of mime artists across the country in many churches.

it was really cool seeing them do powerful perfomance on popular songs like “STAND”, “OH WHAT LOVE”, “NOW BEHOLD THE LAMB”, “God Is Here”, and “WE FALL DOWN”. Truly some of the most powerful stuff I’ve seen in awhile (as it sometimes had me emotional to the point of tears)….and prior to seeing them, would’ve never thought someone could portray the Gosepel/message of Christianity or Worship of God in such a manner..

Psalm 35:10
My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, O LORD ? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.”

 I’ve been HIGHLY Blessed by it alongside numerous others. (as I really enjoy it within the context of the Arts/utilizing that for ministry purposes, especially in STREET MINISTRY/EVANGELISM…….alongside things like various forms of praise dancing, artistic images, spoken word/poetry, etc).


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Posted by Gabriel (G²) on April 30, 2008

 Before PROCEDDING, I’d like to give a shout-out to one of the most ON-FIRE CHURCHES on the PLANENT THAT I KNOW OF AND THAT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOLKS CHECK OUT!!!!


 Epiphany Fellowship 

(where KATS  and other SOLID CHRISTIAN RAPPERS attend—-Trip Lee being an  example, and for more info, hit up Brother Lionel Woods (http://blackandreformedministries.com/2008/05/05/two-quick-items-of-interest-for-you/#respond

  And some of their resoueces are pretty solid too…



Moving on…








If wondering why the railroad pics are in there, it’s part of an analogy we learned in class the other day.
When one considers how one part of town is divided by another part of town by means of a railroad, it truly is amazing to see how both sides will have bad images of one another. The individuals who live on the upscale side of the tracks will often tell their children “Stay on this side of the tracks and don’t go on further—they’re dangerous.” This may be due to things such as high crime rates, drug dealers/prostitution, fatherless homes, poverty/run down neighborhoods, and also a myriad of generalities—whether true or false. But even more interestingly, when one goes to the run down part of town, he or she may hear similar things such “Stay on this side of the street–they’re dangerous!!”.
 For those in poverty, their saying such statements may be due to things such as racial profiling, racism, people starring/labeling, harassment, and any other issues one can think of that are common plagues of middle-class/rich communities. Again, it’s highly interesting that both sides distrust the other and often for wrong reasons. And of course, expounding on the railroad analogy, there are those people who are actually ON THE TRACKS—-in-between people on differing sides of the tracks are those individuals actually on the tracks, moving from location to another and who no one can really assume anything about but who are nonetheless labeled wrongly due to each side’s respective views of each other. If one were to compare this concept to something else, it would be akin to what is seen in “Romeo and Juliet” scenarios involving families of differing cultures making it difficult for those desiring reconciliation between the two.
This is something which I’ve witnessed many times, as there have been many intimately involved in differing cultures—whether middle class or lower-class—and understand what poverty feels like. However, these in-between people continually deal with the backlash of those either in middle class and disbelieving of the ideas they have to offer on the realities of poverty or those who’re impoverished and despise them due to how others from the middle class have often discriminated against them and have spoken presumptuously on their situations. They may decide to take the time to learn the language/customs of the culture and try to respect them as much as possible, as some have even donated entire houses to be used as shelters for those who were poor/abused and can be considered philanthropists.
Yet many people on the streets will often try to harm/harass them as if they caused their situation…..or say that because they’re not in their shoes, they don’t have any right to try and help. And that even for those who individuals there can much harassment, as seen in statements said by others such as “you’re middle class, so what do you know?” This is something many blacks experience when they may’ve been impoverished and then moved into the middle class—and many blacks not as fortunate seemed to act as if the middle class blacks had no right to speak out on issues of poverty because of their social status. And seeing this caused me to realize more than before just how powerful and destructive the issue of cultural stereotypes can be..
 My question, however, was what to make of Jesus—who didn’t fit ANYONE’S PROFILE? He wasn’t dirt poor nor filthy rich, but he was able to reach out to people of both groups since BOTH NEEDED SALVATION ( Psalm 49). Both have things which are beneficial/awesome to see……& both have dark sides that neither wish to acknowledge. Probably one of the best websites on the issue is this:

Proverbs 22:2
Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all

Jesus didn’t discriminate which group he went to in order to reach for the sake of the Gospel (like the rich young ruler, Zacheus the Tax Collector and Matthew the Tax Collector too…..and the Pharisee who invited Jesus to come to His house, Luke 7:36-50………though the Word’s clear that those in poverty and who’re poor are on His TOP Priority list, James 1:26-27, Matthew 25, ON “When I was naked, you clothed me……”)



Question: Does Missional Living work in REVERSE FOR RICH/UPPER-CLASS CHRISTIANS? Or is it only toward those with less (and on an interesting note, the woman who had the issue with blood was a RICH LADY–Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48—-and if not mistaken, there were women in the middle class who choose to actively support Jesus in His Ministry financially and whom he reached out to)?


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