Posted by Gabriel (G²) on March 13, 2008

If anyone remembers, during 2006 Kirk Cameron hosted TBN’s Praise The Lord program……….and though TBN is known to have some pretty wild characters on there that’ve done GREAT AMOUNTS of damage to the FAITH, the  episode was hosting solid )IMHO) gospel preachers such as  Todd Friel , Paul Washer…..& even Even Ted Tripp, who began preaching the gospel during his talk on proper parentingTo view the Broadcast, one can go here:

View The Broadcast (Low Quality: 56k)

View The Broadcast (Medium Quality: 100k)

View The Broadcast (High Quality: 300k)

when it comes to the station of TBN, the WORD NETWORK, or others where many who are false prophets get their messages out, I’m reminded of a conversation I had once at another site.

The person I was defending had this to say:


Person 1
Well, I’m actually not a “sheeple” as you rather derisively suggest. I come from a long line of preachers – great-grandmother, both grandfathers, father and mother. Old-line, radical, conservative holiness. I am not real big on the Hollywoodization of Christianity. It seems the trend is to follow the “super-stars” and I think it’s because people tend to think that the more “successful” one is or appears, that must be a “sign” that they are closer to God. I think it’s a rather sad commentary on our society at large. We tend to place more faith in the “stars” than we do in God.

However, I think people like Mr. DAVE (NOTE: EDITED FOR PROTECTION PURPOSES) straddle a very fine line in calling out those he disagrees with. For one thing, we know that God uses all sorts of people to spread his message. Over and over again in the scriptures, we see God flowing through people that we might find objectionable today. Heck, in the book of Numbers God spoke through a donkey in an attempt to get the attention of Balaam. To say that God isn’t using people like Jakes or Osteen because we may disagree with their message, or think it isn’t “deep” enough is truly a way of limiting, or boxing in, God. My grandparents were saved in a tent revival held by Oral Roberts.

My great-grandmother labored under an intense burden for their savlation, reminding God that it was his will that “none” should perish. He chose to use a man who I would call questionable, at best. How many others have a similar testimony?

I personally believe that we should be good stewards of God’s money. Perhaps because I was raised in a parsonage, I hold that especially true. But, I don’t, or can’t, begrudge those who feel they are called to build these incredible edifaces. Look at what God asked of David when building the temple. Look at the ornateness of it.

Truly spectacular. Does ostentation offend God? I don’t particularly think so, otherwise God would have had David collect huge taxes and distribute it all to the poor.

Perhaps I was overly harsh in my assessment of Mr. BOB. At the same time, one can’t help but feel that the author is more interested in pointing out people God “certainly can’t be using.” One can think they are better than others, or deeper spiritually, because they’ve got wealth and that must be a sign of God. On the other hand, one can just as easily become prideful because they aren’t like the charletans who have their hands in people’s pockets in the name of God. Like I said, it’s a fine line.

I grew up in a denomination where the leaders have spiritually abused their people into submission by hanging their hat on the scriptured “touch not God’s annointed.” I’ve seen it used in other Denominations as well. And, without fail, it has been used totally out of context and incorrectly. I don’t believe that our leaders should be above criticism simply because they claim the mantle of Bishop or Apostle or Grandpoobah!

Our salvation comes through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ and Christ alone. It is His unmerited favor! That is simply amazing! And even more amazing is that it is offered to all, freely (and simply)! It isn’t about what we can get from God (give wyz and you’ll get wxy-squared). I do believe there are many out there who are selling pie-in-the-sky salvation! I don’t subscribe to it because I don’t believe one can find Biblical support for such a “doctrine.”

Most of us come to Christ ignorant! My grandmother, who is a saint only recently retiring at the age of 80 after serving her denomination in various posts, most recently as a missionary overseas, recently told me that she is still learning, still plumbing the depths of Christ and His love. We will absolutely NOT arrive until we’ve arrived at Heaven’s gate. The deal is, satan will use whatever tactic he can to get us into the ditch. Our ONLY hope is to stay in the Word! I firmly believe that satan can and has used our focus on others to sidetrack us from our true calling.

Instead of focusing on sharing the good news that Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost, we’ve become more focused on what Bishop so-n-so is doing over at his place and how he is “dead wrong” and the people following him are ignorant simpletons. Here’s where it becomes tricky for me (hence the name Wondering) – How do we address those who teach a “lessor way” without becoming puffed up in our own spirituality? Because, when we start calling others who are seeking God “sheeple” and other names, we’ve effectively set ourselves up as some kind of superior super-saint. But real quickly it starts to sound like Phariseeism (I thank God I’m not like…).

In a recent sermon, my mother said “keep your eyes on Jesus because people will let you down everytime!” It’s true!! None of us have arrived! I think we do a disservice to God when we say that He MUST do something a certain way.

We effectively place limits on Him by saying that He won’t work through certain people rather He is hobbled by them and somehow, almost impotently, He gets the job done in spite of them. I can’t agree with that! What kind of God do you serve? He is able to do above and beyond anything we can even imagine. Top that off with the fact that we cannot fully understand the workings of God (his ways are above and beyond our own). He doesn’t need me to be his defender! He needs me to be his fisherman! Isn’t that what He’s called us all to do?

Commenting on the person’s comments, I said:


Double-G (G²)

When Paul was in prison and knew of how some were preaching to build their own reputations, taking advantage of his imprisonment to make themselves look good…, regardless of the motives of these preachers, Paul rejoiced that the Gospel was being Preached….and like him, we too should be glad if God uses their message in some kind of capacity to help other (Philippians 2:15-18)

Though of course, that doesn’t mean that we should condone/excuse their motives OR avoid addressing the ERROR they promote…..

Used to be heavy into TBN (and much of the error from WOF that it promotes HEAVILY)…..

However, though I was being trained in a MYRIAD of FALSE TEACHINGS, I cannot help but admit I learned of the basic components of the Christian Faith there….and though God in time made me aware of their errors, it did seem to be that He Sovereignly WORKED THROUGH TBN to help me where I was at

And it does seem that God uses even the activities of the wicked to fulfill his good purposes

Proverbs 16:4
The LORD works out everything for his own ends— even the wicked for a day of disaster.


), later in the discussion came in and added his 2 cents. He responded to me in saying this:

Person 2

Ah yes DG, but the rub is this………..Paul was content because regardless of motivation the GOSPEL was being preached.

I contend that the Gospel is NOT being preached by the pimps unless decisional regeneration is true, or that Jesus redeemed us from our sins not on the Cross but while being tortured in hell by satan, or that we have authority greater than God’s in the earth, or that God cannot move unless we allow Him, or that the favor of God is brought about by money, or that the Gospel promises us all health and wealth, etc, etc, ad infinitum.
Paul wept for the false teachers coming to devour the flock. He didn’t say,”Well, God can use them anyway. The Gospel is being preached.” He only said that when the TRUE Gospel was being preached, but by those with wrong motives.

When the wolves were being addressed, because the Gospel they preached would be corrupted, he wept and warned through those tears because a false Gospel is a Gospel powerless to save.

Paul knew the Gospel did the work in the heart of man, so the motive of the minister was not the key (nor could it strip the Word of its power). As long as the GENUINE Gospel was being offered, Paul was content.

TBN is populated largely by the sort of wolves Paul wept over and warned against. I’ll never be convinced that Paul would have turned on TBN and said “Ah well, their motives stink but the Gospel is being preached” when what is preached there directly contradicts the Gospel Paul offered.
The fact that God had Mercy upon us by opening our eyes DESPITE TBN is Grace in its purest form.

I then responded in kind by saying this:

Double-G (G²)

Good points, Brah. I concur…..

Personally, though, I still have some wrestlings on the issue……

Regarding the GOOD ones on there—-like Greg Laurie, Dr. James Kennedy, David Jeremiah, Kirk Cameron and” Way of the Master” or various others—-the messages they preached were truly in line with the Word ………and though I question their motives since they share platforms with the wolves to broadcast their message, that which they preached was GENUINE enough for God to work with.

Even regarding false teachers, there’re many BIBLICAL things they’ve taught that truly helped me in my relationship with Christ when I once supported them …

And if a sorcerer like Balaam was available for God’s use in proclaiming truth/blessing over the Israelites—that is, as much as He used wicked Pharaoh to accomplish His will in Egypt (Exodus 10:1), surely He could do the same with a WOLF to some degree (Proverbs 16:4, John 11:45-51)

That, however, doesn’t imply neglecting the NEED FOR THEM TO BE TAKEN OUT (and I hope you still plan on “skewering” them, lol)


Moving foward, the person then responded by saying this in return:

Person 2:

I don’t know DG……..I used to get upset about folks like Kennedy and others being on the TBN airwaves too. And, I certainly DO NOT think they should be involved in the Beg-A-Thons. But at least their presence there affords the opportunity for someone to hear the ACTUAL Gospel amidst that mess. I see both sides of the issue (Come out from among them), but I lean towards thinking you can be present there and not be spiritually “among them.”

Interesting to think about anyway.

After hearing my brother say this, it made me really think about some things and I said this in REPLY:


Double-G (G²)

Good points, Brah….

Thankfully there presence allows TRUE Gospel to be preached…..though it may also be apart of another strategy by the wolves
Used to think Crouch’s allowance of good doctrine being preached validated all of the Errors he did, as if the TRUE GOSPEL was in league with Crouches’ version…..& this was furthered whenever Crouch proclaimed he supported them & that they paid for his platform.

Same thing’s seen in ORGANIZED CRIME when they’re trying to SECRETLY fund their operations and promote devilish ways with legitimate “front companies” AND enough plausible cause to bring doubt upon ANY SUSPICIONS one might have (go to Wikipedia and the definition should be there in case I’m using it wrongly ) …..Except TBN simply “spiritualizes” it….
(Romans 16:16-18, II Peter 2:1-3, Jude 1:4)

That all stated, WHAT DO YA’LL THINK? Does anyone feel that TBN should be supported since it allows MANY SOLID/GOOD TEACHERS on there to brodcast their message, despite all of the erroneous teachings that are promoted there by others? And that as long as there is DISCERNMENT in knowing/teaching others how to recognize RIGHT FROM WRONG, THEN IT’S ALL GOOD?

Does it aid the Gospel OR Hinder it in allowing TBN to brodcast GOOD DOCTRINE alongside so much of it which is EVIL?


Love to hear FEEDBACK…….


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