FAITH, POLITICS, and the Christian: Audio Discussions by Branno Howse of “CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW NETWORK”

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on February 14, 2008

 Just wanted to throw these out there for anyone who is interested:

 Brannon Howse: February 6 from February 06, 2008
Some “Pro-family” leaders were working for months behind the scenes to push for Mitt Romney who has flip-flopped on the issue of abortion and gay marriage. Why would these leaders not support Mike Huckabee with his strong pro-life, pro-marriage record? Is it time for some of these “leaders” to get off the national stage? Are these “leaders” damaged? Is access to the White House and winning more important than the life issue?
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Brannon Howse: February 1 from February 03, 2008
Warning: Stay with the program. Brannon has NOT gone liberal. Topic: Are Christians that oppose the emergent church, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and others being unloving and unchrist like? What is the price of unity? Can we get along and go along with those that are contrary to Biblical truth? Are we required to call someone before we publicly talk about what they have publicly written and said?
Listen | Download (Right click and select “Save Target As”)

Brannon Howse: January 30 from January 30, 2008
Rick Warren goes to the National Cathedral and declares that “the future of the world is not secularism, it’s religious pluralism.” Warren is also calling for mainline churches and evangelicals to come back together. Can you say ecumenicalism or one-world religion?
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Brannon Howse: January 29 from January 29, 2008
Evangelicals embracing the Occult? National pastors conferences, churches, “Christian” magazines, books, DVDs and websites are now promoting walking a labyrinth. What exactly does that mean? Should Christians use a Ouija board to “experience” God? If not then why a labyrinth?
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Brannon Howse: January 4 from January 14, 2008
Did the Founding Fathers violate New Testament principles when they founded America as stated by Dr. John MacArthur? Is civil disobedience always unbiblical? Are ALL governments ordained or approved by God? What is the incorrect view that so many pastors and Americans hold on Romans 13 that impacts how they live?
Listen | Download (Right click and select “Save Target As”)

Brannon Howse: December 6th from December 28, 2007
Brannon interviews Pastor Ray Bauman. Ray was a seeker friendly, emergent, postmodern, seeker friendly church builder. Today Ray seeks to reveal the unbiblical nature of these movements and to teach the New Testament model of church building. Ray explains how man-centered evangelism, marketing and entertainment draws large crowds of false converts and immature Christians who don’t grow in their Biblical knowledge and discernment.

Listen | Download (Right click and select “Save Target As”)


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