HUSH MONEY: Has the Modern Church been silent for the sake of “FREE PASSES” from Government??

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on January 28, 2008

As W. Graham Scroggie said, “Light and darkness, right and wrong, good and evil, truth and error are incompatibles . . . when they compromise it is the light, the right, the good, and the truth that are damaged.”

The biggest danger to the evangelical Church is not false religion or atheism, but compromise; it has always been a tool of the enemy. When compromise occurs, we can have church growth but no depth; numbers, but no character; enormous buildings, but small hearts. We “play” Christian, but have the tendency to compromise everything that Christ stood for. We have riches, wealth, and prosperity, but neglect the weightier matters—love, mercy, and forgiveness. When compromise reigns, we can easily become insensitive, indifferent, ineffective, unforgiving, unloving, unmoved, and self-righteous. “Where does Christianity destroy itself in a given generation? It destroys itself by not living in the light, by professing a truth it does not obey” (Tozer).

 (See Revelation 2:1-29 & 3:1-22.)

And with that said, here are some interesting teachings on the issue.

 One deals with the issue of GOVERNMENT…..IN WHICH the discussion comes about on whether  the church  has gagged herself. Here, Dr. Sproul addresses the compromise the church has made to enjoy financial status under government sanctions.


As stated in an earlier post from before, one should consider how 501c3 churches are finding out why they shouldn’t be in bed with the government“The IRS has succeeded in gagging Christians.”
Rev. D. James Kennedy* has stated:
“The federal government has proved a tremendous impediment to the ongoing work of Christians. In all the laws that they have passed against Christian schools, gagging the church, taxation, and all kinds of things that they have done, they have made it harder for the church to exercise its prerogatives and to preach the gospel. “Take the last presidential election. There were numbers of things that I knew that I was never able to say from the pulpit because if you advance the cause of one candidate or impede the cause of the other you can lose your tax exemption. That would have been disastrous not only for the church, but for our school and our seminary, everything. So you are gagged. You cannot do that. The IRS, a branch of our government, has succeeded in gagging Christians.“”””


For more info and videos on the subject, I’d encourage everyone to please consider investigating this:


 On that subject, here’s a good movie that may aid in bringing out the point of what the cost is when it comes to SPEAKING THE TRUTH at the expense of GOING ALONG WITH GOVERNMENT. It’s entitled CHINA CRY, and it deals with the PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS IN THE REGIME IN CHINA and their stories. Powerful movie…..’

Part 2


            To see all of the videos, please go here:


Also, if anyone’s interested, please consider investigating this:


All over China ordinary men and women are embracing the ‘Faith’. Turning from the teachings of the Communist Party, they are now attending church.

In a small basement in Beijing, 100 people cram onto red stools to listen to their leader, Allan Yuan a ‘radical’ who spent 22 years in prison with hard labour. From this backstreet pulpit, he runs an illegal ‘house’ church. Mr Lei had his leg amputated by a student doctor during the Cultural Revolution and says that after joining the church “he loved life more”. At the Bureau of Religious Affairs, Lui Shu Xiang maintains that Chinese citizens do have “religious freedom”. He refers to a Government funded Catholic seminary set up to train new Socialist Shepherds. In an ornate white and crimson church, deacons Joseph and James are about to be ordained. Lying face down at the altar, they are anointed with holy oil. They have been taught to adapt religion to the socialist system. They acknowledge the Pope as their spiritual leader but the Communist party as their political head. But for those who believe that the Pope plays a central role, ‘underground’ churches remain the true exponents of Christianity.

 Ephesians 6

18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.


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