Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies…..

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on January 26, 2008


Just wanted to place this out there for anyone who has dealt or is dealing with someone who’s of the mindset that TRUTH IS RELATIVE and that ABSOULUTE TRUTH NO LONGER EXISTS..



  • Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies, (Part 5 of 5) MP3
  • Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies, (Part 4 of 5) MP3
  • Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies, (Part 3 of 5) MP3
  • Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies, (Part 2 of 5) MP3
  • Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies, (Part 1 of 5) MP3
  •  Again, these are resources from Just Thinking (RZIM)

     “Whatever works for you….”

    “Your truth is your truth…”

           These are the common statements one will hear in our society today…..and that said, we as Believers need to be equipped to deal with those issues in the process.

             Also, for anyone interested, I’d encourage everyone to please consider investigating these articles on the issue of TRUTH/RELATIVISM from APOLEGETIC MINISTRY CARM, as they’ve been most helpful to me……..


    Also, if anyone’s interested, please consider investigating this from FOCUS ON THE FAMILY:



    It’s a new endeavor by Focus on the Family that seeks to teach people to look at life from a biblical perspective. Read a detailed explanation here.

    for anyone who’s a youth leader/minister will be especially blessed by them since that’s the mentality that has been invading my generation for the longest time…….it’s even crept into the CHURCH ITSELF, as is the case with the EMERGENT CHURCH….there are many things where they’ve honesty challenged everyone else to step it up. By no means do I support the movement, but I’ve witnessed some of their material (such as the NOOMA Videos, paticularly “SILENCE”) t some of the youth camps I’ve attended….and the stuff was honestly ON POINT.


    and for anyone wanting to have some solid information on the issue, please consider these:

























          As Joshua Harris said on the issue, 

    New Book: Why We’re Not Emergent



    My friend Justin Taylor, shot me an email this past week about a new book by Kevin Deyoung and Ted Kluck entitled Why We’re Not Emergent. I don’t normally get excited about books coming from a “we’re not that” perspective, but from what I’ve read on the book’s website, these guys seem to be striking a helpful tone. The promotional description reads:

    “You can be young, passionate about Jesus Christ, surrounded by diversity, engaged in a postmodern world, reared in evangelicalism and not be an emergent Christian. In fact, I want to argue that it would be better if you weren’t.”
    The Emergent Church is a strong voice in today’s Christian community. And they’re talking about good things: caring for the poor, peace for all men, loving Jesus. They’re doing church a new way, not content to fit the mold. Again, all good. But there’s more to the movement than that. Much more.

    Kevin and Ted are two guys who, demographically, should be all over this movement. But they’re not. And Why We’re Not Emergent gives you the solid reasons why. From both a theological and an on-the-street perspective, Kevin and Ted diagnose the emerging church. They pull apart interviews, articles, books, and blogs, helping you see for yourself what it’s all about.

    And here’s a strong quote from the free sample chapter that they make available on their site:

    I’m convinced that a major problem with the emerging church is that they refuse to have their cake and eat it to. The whole movement seems to be built on reductionistic, even modernistic, either-or categories. They pit information versus transformation, believing versus belonging, and propositions about Christ versus the Person of Christ. The emerging church will be a helpful corrective against real, and sometimes perceived, abuses in evangelicalism when they discover the genius of the “and,” and stop forcing us to accept half-truths. Carl Henry is right: “The antithesis of ‘person-revelation’ and ‘proposition-revelation’ can only result in an equally unscriptural contrast of personal faith with doctrinal belief. It is now often said that belief in Christ is something wholly different from belief in truths or propositions. But to lose intelligible revelation spells inescapable loss of any supernatural authorized doctrinal assertions concerning God.”
    It is possible for Christians to esteem the Bible wrongly and equate the Bible with God. But it is not possible for Christians to esteem the Bible too highly. Every word in every sentence in every proposition or command or question in the Bible is inspired by God, authoritative, trustworthy, true, useful, and aids our joy in God. Despite their differing interpretations on some matters, Christians of various theological stripes in all ages have believed wholeheartedly in this previous sentence. My hope is that emerging Christians are not departing from it.

    For every fundamentalist who loves the Bible more than Christ, I’m willing to bet there is one emergent Christian who honors the Bible less than Christ did. I fear that what starts out as a fancy way of coupling postmodern jargon with biblical authority quickly leads to a loss of confidence in the word of God—a lost confidence that prevents preachers and evangelists from establishing doctrine, ethics, and gospel truth with the words “It is written.”



    7 Responses to “Responding to a Postmodern World: World Strategies…..”

    1. Daaang…

      Killer quotes, man.

    2. Godbless Laura (NOTE: Do you prefer Mrs, Ms, or is Laura cool with you???)

      I think I’ve been to your site before…..left you a note once….but either way, glad to see that you were able to stop by!!

      Curious as to what quotes you were referring to that really struck out to you…

    3. Laura is fine — I get “Ms. Laura” all the time, being in the South and being over 20. Thanks for replying to my comment, brother.

      I think “honors the Bible less than Christ did” was pretty convicting to my own soul — I know there are times when I don’t esteem God’s word like I should!

      My context is kinda emerging, or post-emerging if you will — my congregation is part of Driscoll’s church planting network, Acts 29, and you may know that Driscoll used to buddy up with Rob Bell and all those Emergent Village dudes, but distanced himself from them when they started getting all weird — so the description of the either-or attitude of Emergent types regarding revelation and “relationship” really rang true to me.

    4. Preach…..

    5. If I may ask,

      Is it still odd being with Mark Driscoll’s church and yet still having people label you as just as wild as the Emeergent church? I know the question seems odd, but this is something I heard of/saw recently when the man’s name came up…..(specifically, on a sermon where someone called him out when he made the comparision of the lead character in the show “24” with Christ.

      By the way, curious as to whether or not you like the site…

    6. Heh! Yeah, we get that “Emergent” label all the time — we honestly fight the “cult” label with some regularity. I used to go to Southern Seminary (yeah, that one, the Al Mohler one), and got weird looks when I told people I quit going to Al’s church and started going to Sojourn: “You mean that ’emerging’ church? Don’t y’all have, like, candles in your service and stuff?”

      What I want to tell folks is, you can call us liberal if you want, but we’re doing social ministry like Jesus did. You can call us fundamentalists if you want, but we’re preaching the Gospel boldly like Jesus did. We value the arts because they reflect the character of our creating God! We value a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-class church because it’s a picture of what the Church is gonna look like someday… (Watch out now! She’s about to get fired up! Woooo!) Every tribe and tongue and language and nation and y’all better get used to it NOW because we’re not gonna be worshiping in a tall brick building with a steeple and an organ, but in the throne room of Almighty God!

      And yeah, I do like the site! 🙂

    7. PREACH!!!!Good to know!!

      I get the same thing when it comes to issues such as the Prophetic/APOSTOLIC movement (and to note, yes….I well recognize there are things within the movement that are DEAD OFF…and to that, I denounce it…..but many things within it I 100% SUPPORT)

      By the way, if you saw at PP.org, recently R4c apparently set up a coup against sis Mav and I so that we no longer have our membership…..but the Old Guard still lives…..and I was wondering if perhaps you’d be willing to join me on my side before someone at that site claims you. The Melvinite temple is CORRUPT…..and I’ve been long planning FOR The REFORMATION (or in paticular, THE SHIFT, as I’d call it)……

      me as the Emissary/Keeper of Equilibrium who’ll rally the people to the cause and bring back balance/order from chaos (and the Offical Spokesman/NETWORKER for the movement)

      Sis Mav as the NEW PROPHETESS (who has been secretly swayed to my side as the TRUE PROPHETESS—-and who has been exposed to the corruption of temple)….also my holds things down at the CAMP as the ADMINISTRATOR/CHILDREN’S CHURCH DIRECTOR

      Bro Lionel is the official WARLORD/LEADER OF THE MILITIA of the MOVEMENT

      I had more, but the comment never made it on PP.org……but you get the picture. Care to join me? I think you’d make an EXCELLENT GATEKEEPER/REPORTER……….though if you have another job in mind, let me know….

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