ISAIAH 6: Have you been humbled before the Glory of God?

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on December 29, 2007


         This is a video sermon by Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, who is a pastor of “Cornerstone Church” in Singapoore.  I decided to post this due to how often we forget the simple principle that only in living in light of God’s majesty can we live the way we’re called to live fully. Seeing the Lord and listening to the praise of the angels, Isaiah realized that he was unclean before God, with no hope of measuring up to God’s standard of Holiness. Isaiah’sm lofty view of God in Isaiah 6:1-4 shows that when we recognize how great our God is, how sinful we are, and the extent of God’s forgiveness, we recieve power to do His Work

Also, if anyone’s interested, consider this video (which deals with the issue of creating an ATMOSPHERE that God’ll be PLEASED TO MOVE IN) 


This one is paticularly strong for me, seeing that the question of “Where are the miracles?” and “Why don’t we see things like in Acts anymore?” are constantly brought up and yet the question of FAITH/BELIEF is never brought up……and as the Word says, there were a MYRIAD OF TIMES where JESUS SAID THAT ONE’S FAITH/BELIEF HAD HEALED THEM.

Even in Mark 6:4-6, the Word seems to indicate that there are things one can do that’ll make God displeased/unwilling to do the MIRACLOUS, for Jesus could’ve done greater miracles in Nazareth, but he CHOSE NOT TO because of the people’s pride/unbelief,. The miracles he did had little effect on the people because they did not accept his message or believe he was from God.

Therefore, Jesus looked elsewhere, seeking those who would respond to his miracles and message…….and the same thing seems to be happening REPEATEDLY ALL OVER THE WORLD, where many other nations are seeing the POWER OF GOD AT WORK IN THEIR MINISTRIES and helping to BRING PEOPLE TO CHRIST while many churches in AMERICA are seeing nothing…..and even many CHURHCES IN AMERICA have seen things becsuae of their willingness to simply ask believe and obey the Lord.

Will share more later, but I Pray that everyone enjoys the video (though it’s about 27 MINutes long, it’s worth the view). Peace……..


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