Seriously “Challenged” when you promote BLASPHEMY CHALLENGE

Posted by Gabriel (G²) on October 24, 2007



To anyone who’ll watch this, the video should be enough to speak for itself………..but for a sneak peak/epilouge, the video is centered around a group called the Rational Response Squad:

 a group of outspoken atheists who confront what they consider to be irrational claims, most notably those made by theists. The co-founders of the RRS are Brian Sapient (Sapient is an alias he uses due to fear of reprisals)[1] and Rook Hawkins. The Rational Response Squad, along with the filmmaker Brian Flemming, made headlines in December 2006 with their Blasphemy Challenge”…….& they are the ones who have started something called the  BLAMSPHEMY CHALLENGE, …….

For a description, “The Blasphemy Challenge, started in December 2006, is an Internet-based project which aims to get atheists to come out and declare themselves as atheists.[2] The challenge asks atheists to submit videos to the website YouTube, in which they record themselves blaspheming the Holy Spirit.[3] According to the Rational Response Squad’s interpretation of the Bible, this action is considered an unforgivable sin.[4] Thus, users who took the challenge saw themselves as crossing a point of no returnGod and would “accept the consequences” if after their death they find that God does exist.[2] The first 1001 users who took the challenge received a DVD of Flemming’s documentary film The God Who Wasn’t There.[5] Publicly known persons such as the illusionist Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Raël, founder of the International Raëlian Movement, participated in the project.



to prove that they truly did not believe in the biblical

I’ll share more of my thoughts on the issue later in this post, for at the moment I was mainly concerned with simply getting this video out to the public……but please take note. When it comes to the point where you have men & women in the masses no longer content with denying God in their actions but being proud/LOUD IN DECLARING THAT THEY EITHER HATE GOD, CURSE THE HOLY SPIRIT, OR ARE PROUD TO GO TO HELL……..you know you’re in dangerous times.

I cannot remember at the moment where I heard the quote, but I’m reminded of the saying “If men shall curse somone as high as God, where will they stop?…..& that’s something that should concern you all. Notice by the way that whenever questioned about whether or not God exists or why religion is irrevelant, the man behind the movement simply says “There’s just no good reason to…”….which seems highly INADEQUATE of an argument.

Mr. Brian, by the way, has been questioned on his views before…..with RATIONAL ARGUMENTS, & I thought it’d be beneficial to post them for everyone to read/listen to, seeing that you’ll most likely encounter these kinds of situations in your schools, jobs, or any other environment you’re in. For the World is HOSTILE TO THE LORD……..& if you’re going to navigate in it, you’d better know how to FIGHT BACK when the FIGHT COMES TO YA. The debates where between Mr.Brian & a man by the name of Matt Slick, whose the leader/author of one of the my most favorite sites CARM (www.carm.org)– A Christian Apolegetics/Research Ministry.

In the order of EVENTS which the DEBATE TOOK PLACE:

Matt Slick vs Kelly (Rational Response Squad) Prt1


Matt Slick vs Kelly (Rational Response Squad) Prt2


Matt Slick vs Kelly (Rational Response Squad) Prt3


Matt Slick vs Kelly (Rational Response Squad) Prt4


Matt Slick vs Kelly (Rational Response Squad) Prt5


Matt Slick vs Kelly (Rational Response Squad) Prt6


What are ya’lls thoughts???


2 Responses to “Seriously “Challenged” when you promote BLASPHEMY CHALLENGE”

  1. You should check out my blogsite against the blasphemy challenge here:


  2. frankiewallton said

    You should check out my blogsite against Frank Walton here: Frank Walton Smells And for more information, please visit: Frank Walton is a stinky turdball and this is the only post you will ever need to read about him. Thanks 🙂

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